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Festivals and Traditions

Semana Santa; Holy Week

One of the most breathtaking festivals in Cartagena takes place from Palm Sunday till Easter Sunday and is called “la Semana Santa”. The Holy Week is celebrated with great enthusiasm in order to remember the Passion of Christ. People from all over the world are attracted by the colorful festival, which is famous for its processions. 

The historical festival of Carthaginians and Romans

The festival of Carthaginians and Romans commemorates the roman conquest of the former Carthaginians capital “Qart Hadas”, which is today known as Cartagena. During the second half of September the nostalgia and history can be experienced fort ten days.

The festival has been declared as an event of “National Tourist Interest”. 

Carnival in Cartagena

Carnival in Cartagena has been declared as a “touristic attraction of the region“. It is today one of the most important festivals Cartagena has to offer and it takes place in February, at the weekend before Ash Wednesday. 

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